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Overwhelming? Intimidating? 10 Signs & They’re not All Bad

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Some of us — especially those of us in insurance — can be a bit of a personality challenge for those who don’t have our energy level. That personality challenge often gets us judged as being harsher than we are and some even think we’re not very nice people.

But — hey — we are nice people and here are 10 reasons why.

Before we get there, however, a further definition is needed. This is more for those who might be considered intimidating or overwhelming than those that aren’t. Weekly Industry News Editor Gary Wolcott is writing this and he’s one of them so he’s going to write this in the plural first person.

The plural first person? Only an editor would write it that way. Most of these 10 items — not all but most and just sometimes all — fit the intimidating or overwhelming person:

1. Our word is good. We value honesty and we always do what we say we’re going to do. Better yet, we follow through. It’s a critical skill that many lack.

2. We are straightforward with that word. You can depend on us to speak our minds. We rarely care who we upset because lying is not an option and pulling punches isn’t something that even crosses out mind.

3. Speaking of minds… We are open-minded. New ideas come naturally to us. We also are always willing — and even eager — to try new things. We have found success through the opportunities offered via the trying of new things and the doors opened because of them.

What we don’t understand is people that don’t try new things and that aren’t open-minded.

4. Solutions are our thing. We focus on problems to find solutions. No excuses needed. We just get things done as they need to be done.

5. Solutions require a strong-will so strong-willed is a given. Focus, focus, focus and we always go the extra length to make something positive happen.

6. This isn’t a complaint. We don’t like complaining or people who complain. This is something that drives the intimidating or overwhelming person crazy. In fact, we’d rather work alone than with someone who spends the day complaining. Who has time for it?

7. We tolerate willful ignorance even less than complaining. Yes, you can have an opinion. That opinion can also contradict our opinion. What we won’t tolerate is the judgmental person. That kind of ignorance causes a loss of patience which often ends up with words being spoken.

8. An editorial opinion. Believing this is optional. We are wise. Learning is our thing. So is finding new ways of thinking. We think things through and think them through thoroughly, yet we often instantly find solutions.

9. Small talk doesn’t work and sometimes neither does long talk. It’s annoying. Being alone is more fun than small talk. Conversations with meaning is all we have time to do. In fact, if a deep meaningful conversation can’t be had then no conversation will likely happen at all.

10. More editorializing. We are kind. It’s just not easily noticed and because we don’t do small talk our innate kindness is often not noticed.

Those of you who aren’t intimidating or overwhelming can now wake up (insert big smile here). As noted earlier, this is written from the perspective of that intimidating or overwhelming person. It is more than likely therapeutic for them. For everyone else? It’s — well, shall we say — informative.


Source link: Educate Inspire Change

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