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Punctuality: A Timely Article about Being on Time

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Some still think its fashionable to be late. If youre one, its wrong thinking. These days arriving late at a function is considered rude. When it comes to work-related functions like meetings, appointments or interviews, being late can be seriously detrimental to your career and to relationships you need for your career.

If youre troubled with being on time then you will definitely benefit from seven tips we found on MSN Lifestyle. These tips are from extremely punctual people.

Punctual people are realistic

Chronically late people always underestimate the time it takes to get somewhere. Those that are punctual always add a few extra minutes to travel time just in case.

Heres what experts suggest. For the next week write down how long you think its going to take to get to your routine destinations like work. Then write down how long it actually takes to get to those places.

That will give you a more realistic sense of how long it takes to get where youre going and will help you be on time or early.

Prepare for the unexpected:

Buffer time is critical. It was mentioned in the first point. Punctual people prepare for delays due to traffic, getting lost trying to find an unfamiliar destination, having to return home because something was forgotten, and so on.

If youre leaving for somewhere you know is 10-minutes away, leave 20 to 25-minutes before youre due. Buffer time means youre early or on-time and never late.

Downtime is okay:

Buffer time means you will often arrive places early. Extremely punctual people are okay with waiting a few minutes. They check emails, review notes, read a book, clear their heads or do any number of other tasks. Or they just relax and enjoy some calm.

Contrast that with the chronically late. How can rush, rush, rush be enjoyable? There is no downtime, and what little downtime they have is not enjoyed.

Plan, plan, and plan:

Punctual people plan. They are structured and lead highly organized lives. This doesnt mean theyre stiff and inflexible, theyre just organized. Their calendars are always up-to-date. They know their schedule because they check it constantly.

They never over-schedule.

Plus, when doing a project or attending a meeting where supplies are required, they prepare them in advance. Nothing is last-minute. In their personal lives keys, wallets, phones, etc. are always put in the same place. They never have to search for them.

Try this. Organize your day every day and follow that plan. See how it works for you.

Things are done ahead of time:

This was touched on a bit in the last section. Punctual people get things done ahead of time and not at the last minute.

Last minute is stressful and we tend to get sloppy when doing things at the last minute. If theres a meeting in the morning early, the planning and getting ready is done the night before or the afternoon before, or even earlier. What to wear or pack is done in advance and not at the last minute.

Doing things beforehand means we can focus on being on time.

Go to bed early:

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise. We all remember that old adage and if we dont, its not a bad one to re-remember or learn.

A lot of us are up late because weve put off getting something organized and have to get it done at the last minute. Punctual people may stay up late but theyre relaxing and resting. People who are last-minute rush and they dont get to bed as early as they should and theyre tired and stressed when they wake up and not rested.

Most punctual people alas are morning people:

They never hit the snooze button. Punctual people hop out of bed and get on with the day. And theyre rested so they dont have trouble waking up.


Source link: MSN Lifestyle

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