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Millennial Marketing: Tricky but worth the effort

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Millennials are those who came to adulthood around the year 2000. Getting them to understand insurance, and the importance of purchasing insurance from an agent and not a website, is tough.


PropertyCasualty360.com recently consulted with marketing experts from The Hartford, Moore Communications Group, Microsoft and a few others, and 30 millennials.


The results are fascinating.


Reaching them is an easy start. Communicate with the millennials on your staff or the millennials in your family. Ask them to look over your marketing materials, your website, your Facebook page and its entrees, and other communication packages. Then listen to them and their advice.


Questions you want answered:


  How are we doing?

  How would you change what were doing?

  How would you change what the insurance industry is doing?

  Are we accessible?


Once youve kicked things around with staff members and other millennials, then reach out to the millennial generation. They are going to do research on you before buying. Count on that. Its a fact equal to the sun rising and setting. You need to find out where they are and be there when they get there. This is places like Yelp and other communities.


Make sure your website has some sort of social media presence.


Learn technology. Technology is important to them and they expect it to be important to you. The website needs to be smartphone and other mobile device friendly. And speaking of friendly. Lots of friendly photos and fun stuff needs to be on your website and social media pages. These pics dont always have to be insurance related. Its just as important to be perceived as fun.


Pick the type of millennial client you want and cater to them. This is a generation that has been pampered and told how wonderful they are from the time they were born through the end of high school. They expect you to love them, too.


Turn things around. They dont find insurance or estate planning or anything like that particularly interesting. Make it interesting by finding a way to apply technology to it. Videos, photos, infographics and other engaging content as noted earlier must be on your website and Facebook page and wherever else you have a technology presence.


Another reason this is critical is because they have zip for an attention span. The average span is like eight-seconds.


All of your communications channels need to be aimed at them. Most prefer texting to phone calls. An email works for a reminder better than a phone call. But before deciding how an individual wants communication, ask them.


So now youve communicated with them and they love the website, Facebook and all and you actually set up a meeting that they actually attend. Make your pitch but make it short. If its normally 30-minutes, find a way to do it in 10. Then sit back and give them time to research what you told them. Most will do that.


This is where having a duplicate of the information in the pitch online is helpful.


And that brings us to online. The experts hinted around about it, now theyre getting serious. You ought to have an advertising presence on one of them. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix. Any of them. Talk with your millennials and see what they say about where you ought to be.


You will not REPEAT will NOT reach them on television or in newspaper. Theyre not there.


Make sure any online presence is clean, neat, really cool and most importantly modern and refreshed frequently. If you havent updated in three-months youll be perceived as old. Never ever be perceived as old in the eyes of millennials. Old means old-fashioned and old-fashioned is not to be trusted.


Lastly, millennials will research everything online. But they dont want to be sold there. The sale takes place face-to-face, or phone-to-phone. Just make sure all of your information everything youve told them is accessible on your website, or wherever, 24/7.


Oh. Google. Make sure youre searchable. If you contact them and they cant find you then you lose credibility.


Source link: PropertyCasualty360.com

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