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The Perfect Day — Is There Such a Thing?

Posted By PIA Staff Reporter, Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) — blueberry growers — commissioned a study on perfect days. Apparently perfect days are perfectly important to blueberry growers.

The study checked in with 2,000 adults and the results — says StudyFinds.org — are fascinating. Weekly Industry News agrees with the website. The results are very, very interesting.

Apparently, the average person only has 15 perfect days out of every 364 and a quarter days. Just 15? Wow. Equally interesting is what makes a day perfect. It’s little things. Not big things.

The perfect day — on average — for those 2,000 adults:

  Starts with waking up at 8:15 a.m.

  It’s a sunny day with the temperature reaching a balmy 74-degrees

  The perfect day means three-hours outside

  Four hours are spent with family

  Three hours are spent with friends

  Then it’s home to spend the last three-hours of the day watching TV

  The perfect day ends with bedtime at 10:15 p.m.

Vicki De Bruin of USHBC said, “Who doesn’t love sleeping in, sunny skies and spending time with loved ones. These simple pleasures put the biggest smiles on our faces — and it’s even better when we know these seemingly indulgent treats are actually really good for us.”

The survey also looked at what it calls mood-boosters make a cloudy day bright.

  58% said finding money in their pocket

  55% said waking up without an alarm

  51% loved lying in bed listening to the rain

  49% said being on the receiving end of a small act or small acts of kindness

  48% said petting a dog

  47% liked the idea of giving a small act or small acts of kindness to another person

  46% say they are happy when they hear a sunny weather forecast

  37% say music boosts their mood

The Beatles were the mood-boosting best band followed by The Eagles and Michael Jackson.

While there are just 15 perfect days per year, the average recipient said they have 204 good days in a year.


Here’s the rest of the top-40 mood boosters discovered in the survey

  Long, hot shower — 44%

  A meaningful, long hug from somebody you love — 42%

  Seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a long time — 42%

  The first sip of coffee of the day — 41%

  Plopping down on your bed after a long, tiring day — 40%

  Walking into an air-conditioned building on a hot day — 40%

  Baked treats (i.e. fresh blueberry pie) — 40%

  Watching the sunset or sunrise — 37%

  Holding hands with someone you love — 36%

  Getting new clothes — 35%

  Cuddling your partner before getting up to start your day — 34%

  Cuddling with your pet after a long day — 33%

  Waking up to birds chirping — 33%

  Petting a cat — 33%

  Cooking your favorite meal — 31%

  Happening across a smell you enjoy, from cookies to the smell of rain — 31%

  Exchanging a genuine smile with a stranger — 31%

  Sunlight on your skin — 31%

  Getting a new haircut — 30%

  Finding a good new book to read — 29%

  Having a pleasant conversation with a total stranger — 28%

  Meeting a new person you genuinely like — 28%

  Eating a healthy food that makes you feel good about yourself — 28%

  Long soak in the tub — 27%

  Going to the movies — 27%

  Receiving a bouquet of flowers from someone you care about — 25%

  Going for a walk alone — 25%

  A lazy drive to nowhere in particular — 25%

  Having a nice, long stretch after sitting for awhile — 24%

  Ordering delivery — 24%

  Nice glass of beer or wine after a long day — 24%

  Realizing you’re going to have a good hair day — 23%


Source link: StudyFinds.org

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