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Trouble Sleeping? You’re not Alone

Posted By staff reporter, Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A new survey from Mattress Firm says around 70 million of us suffer from this sleep disorder or that. It notes that we — on average — have 99 nights a year where we can’t sleep all that well.

Sunni Goodman handles communications and customer experience services for Mattress Firm. Goodman said — depending on who you talk to — the average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep a day to be properly rested and restored.

“Bedtime routines and habits can make or break the quality of sleep you get each night, and how we sleep has a direct impact on how well we function every day. If we’re not well-rested, we can’t perform our best,” Goodman said.

In the survey — that was also a study — Mattress Firm wanted to know the difference in sleep quality in different sleeping positions. The largest number — 37% — said they prefer falling asleep on their side but most agree that the best sleep they get is when they’re sleeping on their back.

As for sleeping. The 3,000 respondents:

  Averaged 106 perfect nights of sleep a year

  As noted earlier, have 99 “terrible” nights of sleep a year

  Attempt 107 naps a year

  Are only able to successfully nap 93 times per year

And there’s more:

  The study found those sleep with a pet sleep better than those that don’t

  37% say they fall asleep on their side but most agree they sleep better on their back

  32% say they need the TV on to fall asleep

  Almost everyone in the survey say they spend 15-minutes on their mobile device before going to sleep

  42% say they read a book before turning out the lights

  41% say they take a warm bath or a shower before going to bed

  40% will check into a specific movie or a TV show while in bed

  25% — and Mattress Firm swears this is true — count sheep to fall asleep

  Others meditate for at least 10-minutes before going to bed

  Some eat a bowl of kiwi fruit


Did you know?

This latest study may well indicate a role for kiwifruit and other high-antioxidant foods in treating sleep problems. Beyond its strength as an antioxidant, kiwi is also a fruithigh in serotonin. Research indicates that manipulation of levels of serotonin up or down can promote or inhibit sleep.


As for those 99-days of awful sleep, and for the 35% that don’t get seven hours a night of sleep, Mattress Firm found — on average — we’d pay $290 to turn them into a good night’s sleep. Add that up for 365 days and it’s over $100,000.

The company also asked people to give tips for getting a good night’s sleep:

  A cool room

  Blankets rolled up to elevate the legs

  A loud fan to drown out sounds in the home or outside

  Count the number of breaths

  Lavender as a diffuser

  Listen to radio or to a podcast

  No sugar for four hours before going to bed


Source link: Study Finds


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