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Social Media — A Love-Hate Relationship

Posted By Staff writer, Tuesday, April 9, 2019

We don’t like social media big shots like Twitter and Facebook. Or so says an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. It found a high percentage of us say these sites do nothing positive. In fact, they do more to divide us than they do to unite us. Respondents say the sites spread falsehoods that some try to pass off as legitimate news.


The poll also found six in 10 of us — or 60% — don’t trust Facebook to protect vital personal information.


Going a step farther, when it comes to the economy, the poll things technology has more positives and benefits than drawbacks. However, half of us want to see the largest technology companies — Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook — broken up.


Micah Roberts is a spokesman for the Republican-leaning Public Opinion Strategies. He said, “Social media — and Facebook, in particular — have some serious issues in this poll.” And then he added, “If America was giving social media a Yelp review, a majority would give it zero stars.”


When asked if the federal government should break up the largest tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google:


  47% said yes

  50% said no


Here is how the poll says we view social media:


  82% — wastes our time

  15% — say they help us use our time well

  61% — spreads unfair attacks and rumors

  32% — say it holds public figures and corporations accountable

  57% — it divides us

  55% — spreads lies and falsehoods

  Just 35% say these sites do more to bring us together

  Younger respondents to the poll are less likely to say social media divides us than older respondents


Here’s how we perceive the technology giants in terms of trust and when it comes to our personal information:


  28% don’t trust Amazon

  37% don’t trust Google

  36% view Facebook positively

  33% see it as a negative

  Twitter is 24% positive, 27% negative

  35% don’t trust the federal government


When it comes to personal information, and the collecting of personal information, most of us say giving these companies our personal information to pass onto advertisers is not an adequate trade-off for free or for lower priced social media services:


  74% say it is not an acceptable trade off

  23% are good with the trade off


Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates is a pollster for Democrats. He said “If these were political candidates, it would be one thing. But for companies, you’d think these ratings would be [more] on the positive side.”


Here’s more:


  69% use social media once a day or more often

  63% pay bills online

  In the last couple of years, 48% have made an effort to limit how often they use their smartphone

  42% have made an effort to limit or stop using social media in the last couple of years

  42% have applied for a job using an online job search site

  33% listen to podcasts to get news and information

  26% have blocked or unfriended someone on Facebook or another social media site because of their political opinions

  26% use a personal assistant device like Alexa or Google Home

  24% have used a ride-sharing app like Uber of Lyft in the last month

  18% have used an online dating app or website

  14% play an online multi-player video game


Last question — how old is a child under age of 18 old enough to have their own smartphone:


  42% said 15 or older

  40% said 12 to 14

  11% say 11 and younger


Source link: NBC News

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A New Year’s Resolution — Quiet Time

Posted By Staff Reporter, Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A few years ago author and journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote an article arguing that serious thinkers and writers need to get off of Twitter. Coates wasn’t exactly criticizing Twitter or even making a jab at social media in general.

It was an interesting article.

His point was the need for us to get more quiet time. Twitter and other social media outlets — he contends — is noise. How we manage the flow of information in and out of the brain is critical to success.

A study done by Imke Kirstie of Duke’s Medical school says silence restores the nervous system and helps us sustain energy. This leads to a mind that is more adaptive and responsive to the complex environments around us. Kirstie said silence helps us develop new cells in the hippocampus. That is the key part of the brain for learning and memory.

Another source in favor of more silence is physician Luciano Bernardi. His research finds that two-minutes of silence is very stabilizing for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

It even tops the so-called relaxing music that some promote.

Are you in an open-office environment? A 2013 study done by the Journal of Environmental Psychology checked in with 43,000 workers. It looked at open-office plans and found the noise and distraction associated with them rises above the still unproven benefits.

By the way, those benefits are said to be increased morale and productivity. A lot of people stuck in open-office situations would be glad to debate that. However, that’s a subject for another day.

The cultivation of real, sustained silence — say the experts — facilitates clear and creative thinking that will dampen the inner jabbering we all experience as well as chatter from the outside.

But is silence really that practical in a business environment? Maybe not the Buddhist monk type, but some silence can be very, very productive and can be set up for the workplace. Here’s how:

  Follow meetings with five-minutes of quiet time. Close the office door or get out of the office to a park or quiet neighborhood. This is an excellent reset. Some even suggest a few minutes of medication or reflection at that time.

  Take some time during the day to get into nature. You don’t have to be the rugged outdoor type to do this. Dump the phone — because it’s a major source of distraction — and spend an hour so in nature.

  Turn off email for several hours or even for a day. Don’t watch news or entertainment.

  Try a meditation retreat. Even a short retreat can give you the tools to be a better listener and can awaken intuition.

Source link: Get Pocket


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Social Media & Producers: The Tool Bring the Most Profits

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Social media has its positives but a lot of insurance producers continue to wonder what the buzz is all about. You dutifully do Facebook and tweet on Twitter and even LinkedIn but — realistically, like most of us — you do it half-heartedly and sporadicly.


Putnam Investments checked in with 300 financial advisors and asked them about social media. It found the average social media user — in terms of using it for business — is a male, an independent business owner working for themselves, about age 40 and their total income is based on commissions and fees.


They use all sorts of social media from Google+ to Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn. It is LinkedIn that gives them the most success and the most return for the investment of time.


Here are the results:


  49% report finding new business via social media.

  For 29% that leads to new assets of $1 million or more.

  95% — including producers — use LinkedIn for business purposes.

  It’s a referral network, a brand ID builder and is used to expand their professional network.

  66% say it is the “go to” tool for finding new clients.

  That same 66% find their target clients are most active on LinkedIn than anywhere else.

  85% of financial advisors — including producers — let their staff access LinkedIn at work.


The producers all report accepting and requesting connections on LinkedIn and getting firm names, group names and all said they post content updates. Putnam Investments did an even deeper focus on LinkedIn and found the five top reasons these investors use it:


1. The people Im trying to reach are active on this network.

2. I now have a better understanding of how to best leverage this network for business.

3. It is more suitable for my needs than a different social network.

4. It has helped me achieve my desired results.

5. I have more of a business need to use it than before.


This isn’t to say that those interviewed have abandoned other social media. Most report success with Facebook. It is good for cultivating and enhancing client relationships. Twitter also works for picking up new referrals. A good tweet — says 28% of those interviewed — helped gain clients.


Google+ is at the bottom of the proverbial food chain.


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PIA Member Webinar — HOW to Master Social Media and the Smartphone and Sell

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Much attention has been focused on the WHY and WHAT of social media (Why should my agency use social media? What sites should I use?). In this webinar we will focus on the HOW of social media. Join PIA and social media/insurance marketing guru Tom Wetzel for a free, PIA member webinar in which you will learn:

·         The most common mistakes agents make on social media and the smartphone

·         The missing, and most critical, ingredient in social media success

·         Agents who are making it work, and what you can learn from them

·         The “selling” in social media


PIA Member Only Webinar

HOW to Master Social Media and

the Smartphone and Sell

Title:                     PIA Member Webinar—HOW to Master Social Media and the

Smartphone and Sell

Date & Time:     July 16, 2015, 2:00 Eastern

Duration:             45 minute presentation followed by 15 minute Q&A

Register:              PIA member agents click here to register (login required): http://www.pianet.com/benefits/marketingmaterials/071615webinarregistration


Free E-book for PIA members: Going digital does not mean giving up the personal, hands-on, local footprint advantages PIA members enjoy, but it does mean knowing how and when to use digital tools effectively. In his new E-book, “The Digital Tipping Point – It’s Time For Independent Agents To Get Serious About Social Media and the Smartphone,” longtime insurance communicator Tom Wetzel lays out an easy-to-follow plan for using social media and the smartphone effectively. He’s also making PIA members a special offer: a free, no-obligation analysis of an agency’s social media activity.  Details are included in the E-Book. Download this E-book in the social media support center on the PIA Branding Program web page of PIA National’s website at www.piabrandingprogram.com. 


About the Presenter: Tom Wetzel is CEO of Thomas H. Wetzel & Associates, an insurance marketing communications firm with special services and training programs for agents on the productive use of social media. Contact Tom at twetzel@wetzelandassociates.com and learn more at www.wetzelandasssociates.com.


Brought to You by the PIA Branding Program and PIA’s Pinnacle Partners: This webinar is made available through the PIA Branding Program which provides PIA members with print ads, radio commercials, social media support and other marketing materials. Learn more at www.piabrandingprogram.com. Funding for the PIA Branding Program is provided in part by PIA’s Pinnacle Partners: Bankers Insurance Group, Encompass Insurance, Erie Insurance, Harleysville Insurance, Progressive Insurance, State Auto Group, The Hartford, The Motorists Insurance Group, and Wright Flood.

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