The PIA Western Alliance is a proud partner with The National Alliance to offer CIC Institutes and James K Ruble and CISR Seminars in Oregon.

The prestigious CIC and CISR designation programs are recognized nationwide as an important credential that benefits individuals, their agencies for companies, and their clients.

The PIA Western Alliance will be holding in person CIC classes at the Portland Sheraton Airport beginning May 2023. Check out the calendar below for course schedule and details.

The Certified Insurance Counselor’s (CIC) Program is the industry’s proven source for practical, real-world insurance and risk management education. CIC also provides new learning opportunities, more update options, and more flexibility, as well as an expert faculty of inspiring insurance and risk management professionals. There are seven CIC institutes to choose from and a curriculum you can customize to your professional focus by combining one CRM or CPRM risk management course with the four CIC institutes of your choice.

Earn your CIC designation by completing your choice of five of the seven institutes and passing their corresponding exams within a five year window of time. By committing to the CIC designation path, participants learn how to manage and take charge of their futures and insurance careers.

More Benefits:

  • Instant, national recognition within the industry for the program, the designation, and the reflected professionalism
  • Marketability and job security-agencies that hire CICs are significantly more profitable
  • Confident, complete knowledge of market trends, current products, and best practices
  • Active engagement in a network of knowledgeable risk management and insurance professionals

Program Options:

  • Commercial
  • Casualty
  • Commercial Property
  • Life & Health
  • Personal Lines
  • Agency Management
  • Commercial Multiline
  • Insurance Company Operations


The Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) Program offers options for a variety of practical skill and career building opportunities. With CISR you can customize your designation and education by choosing five of the nine ONE-DAY courses to meet your interests, role, and region. By committing to the CISR that values and rewards personal growth. All these benefits make the CISR Program a truly superior education choice for insurance professionals

Earn your CISR designation by completing your choice of five of the nine courses and passing their corresponding exams within a three-year window of time. By committing to the CISR designation party, participants learn how to manage and take charge of their futures and insurance careers. For today’s Customer Service Representative, it’s an exceptionally rewarding opportunity.

More Benefits:

  • A respected, service-oriented designation that grows client and agency trust
    Increased marketability and earnings (statistics show salary increase from 10 to 20%)
  • A confidence in your ability to recommend insurance coverages and advise clients on managing risks
  • Active engagement with a huge network of insurance, sales, and service professionals

Program Options:

  • Commercial Casualty l – CGL, Additional Insureds
  • Commercial Casualty ll – BAP, WC, Excess Liability
  • Insuring Commercial Property
  • Insuring Personal Residential Property
  • Insuring Personal Auto Exposures
  • Personal Lines – Miscellaneous
  • Agency Operations
  • Life & Health Essentials
  • Elements of Risk Management

What’s next? Once you’ve completed your CISR designation, take the next step towards earning the CISR Elite Designation by completing the additional four courses within 3 years. By achieving the CISR Elite Designation, you will earn the highest recognition for those in customer service anywhere!




All CIC Courses are worth 16 credit hours in all 50 states. 

Agency Management is worth 16 hours (13 + 3 Ethics) in all 50 states.

James K Ruble generally worth 16 hours. CE is filed in all 50 states but some states may not approval all topics. 

CISR including William T. Hold Seminars are worth 7 CE hours in all 50 states.

Agency Operations worth 7 CE (6 hours +1 Ethics) in all 50 states.

Registrations vary between webinars and in person courses.

CIC – in person $434

CIC – Webinar $420

JAMES K RUBLE – $445 either format

CISR in person $177

CISR – Webinar $161

** printed notebooks are included for all in person courses and available for purchase for webinars. 

Ethics and Oregon Law are available through the Western Alliance in various ways via live webinars or in person. Check the calendar for further information.