Community Foundation

PIA Community Foundation

What is the Professional Insurance Agents Western Alliance Main Street Community Foundation?

The PIA Western Alliance Main Street Community Foundation is a partnership formed by the member agents and independent insurers of the nine Western Alliance states that PIA serves.

Recognizing that community is the basis of our success, we put basic business rivalry, economic competition and politics aside in order to invest much needed resources back into our local communities.

Money is available to groups and organizations through the foundation for projects and certain circumstances where a PIA contribution will make a difference. This is not a high-end donor program. For profit organizations or individuals are not eligible to receive a grant. The Community Foundation is designed specifically for groups and organizations of local programs where a PIA donation can make a significant difference.

The finances available to your group or organization through the foundation are aimed at providing civic, sports, shelters, community beautification and other programs a helping hand from PIA members with grassroot ties to the community.

It also gives those new to PIA a chance to demonstrate goodwill in the community and to establish connections and credibility that will help them build their businesses.

You can contribute at any time. Monetary distributions are decided upon the committee. Funding will support projects solicited by PIA Member agents or PIA member companies in good standing.


How to give to the PIA Community Foundation.

The purpose of the PIA Community Foundation is giving. It only works if we all contribute to the cause. Want to make a contribution? Donate by mail, please include Name, Agency Name, Address, Phone, and Email.

Please remit to PIA Charitable Foundation, 3205 NE 78th Street, Suite 104, Vancouver, WA 98665. All checks payable to “PIA Community Foundation”. All contributions to the PIA Community Foundation are tax deductible. Please call with any questions (888) 246-4466. 


Print donation form to donate today.


Agents do you know an organization that could benefit from a PIA Community Foundation grant?

Fill out an application for consideration. The committee will consider your request. Upon approval and as the agent representing the PIA you will be given a check to personally deliver to the organization or individual(s) benefiting from the PIA Community Foundation grant.

At the same time your request is approved, PIA Western Alliance communications department will work with you to contact the local media, write a press release and assist you in publicizing the grant.


Community Foundation Recipients

Children’s Museum of Northeast Montana: Provides an environment that stimulates exploration, creativity, and discovery and empowers children with knowledge through fun, hands-on experiences. Children and their families will be immersed in an atmosphere that encompasses the creative arts, sciences, and culture. $500 was awarded to support the Children’s Museum of Northeast Montana; donation requested by Erika Bengochea, United Insurance & Realty Licensed Insurance Agent. March 4, 2016.

Upward Bound: Provides on-going based recreational and educational camp experiences for persons with disabilities, twelve years of age and over in an environment that presents opportunities for growth outside the individual’s usual routine or habitat. $1500 was awarded at the 2009 PIA OR/ID Convention & Trade Show .


Woodland Community Service Center: Non profit food bank. They also take in used clothing, household goods and furniture. They operate a free store to redistribute these items to less fortunate individuals in the Woodland community. They operate strictly on pledges and donations. $1500 was awarded at the 2009 PIA WA/AK Conference & Trade Show.