CSR of the Year

CSR of the Year

Nominations are now open for the 2024 National Outstanding CSR of the Year for Oregon. This award is the highest honor for insurance customer representatives who have distinguished themselves through contributions to their industry and profession.

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P A S T    W I N N E R S

This prestigious award, established in 1991 by The Society of Certified Insurance Service Representatives (CISR) and the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) is the highest honor for outstanding customer service representatives. The award is open to anyone regardless of affiliation or professional designation. The CIC or CISR designation is not required. Submit letter(s) of recommendation from a business/professional reference(s).


2019 Washington’s CSR of the Year National Finalist

Neely Lorimer, CISR Elite


“I take my position as an insurance agent seriously.  I take time to know each person that calls or comes to me for insurance advice.  I educate based on the level of interest and try to make it fun.  I want to bring a little light and laughter to everyone.  In a world that is so technology-driven, I am very personally driven.  I want to be a resource, a fount of knowledge, and a comfortable and familiar person for those that need to have a little extra something in their lives.  When I add all those tools/techniques together, I have my recipe for success.  Clients and prospects come to me with their life concerns and care.  I help them to talk through these.  Many times, it leads to a new policy or policy upgrade/change.  We can’t insure all of life’s situations, I know that and so do they, but we can talk about what can be and what won’t be covered.  We can talk about what is new and exciting for them.  Mostly we can walk together in this life to make them feel more secure.  It is my intention to make a difference each and every day.”



2018 Oregon CSR of the Year National Finalist

Kendall Pori, CIC


As a National Finalist in Oregon, I am incredibly honored to be chosen for this award.  The essay topic was timely for me, not only professionally, but personally. The award was a true gift to receive while celebrating 30 years at my current job at Protectors, so it is especially meaningful.

I believe it is a milestone in my career, similar to achieving the CIC. Rather than being too comfortable in my role, it made me feel challenged to have new goals.   Stretch yourself. The essay process was the best part because it was a strong reflection of the past, and how I could look forward to the future with fresh ideas. We all need that!


2006 National Outstanding CSR of the Year

Sharnel DiVona, CIC, CPCU, AIS, CRM, CRIS Washington

(Photo: 2006 – Dr. William T Hold, Mrs. James K Ruble and Sharnel in Austin, TX for national award ceremony) 

Receiving the Outstanding CSR of the Year award immediately boosted my self-confidence in both my professional endeavors as well as in my personal life. It bolstered respect and awareness from my colleagues, my family, my employer, and my clients.

Even years later, the acknowledgment from this award motivates me to excel in my position and give 110%. As a result, I feel I’ve become a better Account Manager, a valued resource to my customers, an asset to Propel as well as a mentor to my team. I want to continue to earn the honor each and every day!





The CSR of the year award is a great opportunity for CSRs to receive recognition for their knowledge, hard work, and expertise in personal insurance. 

This achievement recognizes the importance of CSR’s role in the success and profitability of the insurance agency.  The recognition I received as CSR of the year at both the state and national level was a motivating factor in my professional development over the past 19 years.


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