2024 Oregon Legislative Session – Bill Tracking as of March 9

The 2024 short session of the Oregon Legislature ended on March 7.  Many of the bills that PIA followed, including a bill to develop an insurance-related risk reduction certification program, died.  The list of those bills which did survive is below.

There was no mention of bad faith or other issues of great concern to the insurance industry.  Agents should note that they will now be covered under the FBI’s Rap Back system for fingerprint criminal records checks under HB 4122-En.

There are several workers’ compensation related bills, bills having to do with construction contractors, and transportation related bills. The Prescribed Fire Liability Pilot Program was changed under HB 4016-En.  Please review the entire list.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Our thanks once again to the PIA Government Relations Committee members! 

Bill Tracking as of 3/9/2024


SB 1575- En


The Act says that public bodies may not have certain terms in some types of construction contracts. Limits a public body’s ability to require a duty to defend the public body in a contract with a person or entity providing architectural, engineering, photogrammetric mapping, transportation planning, land surveying services or related services. Provides that certain provisions relating to construction agreements do not apply to design-build contracts. Sunsets provisions on January 1, 2035. 

SB 1576-En


The Act changes the law about when the AG can share some materials about consumer data. The Act makes some court records of when a minor settles a claim secret. The Act changes the law making some owners immune from liability when they allow recreation on their land. Modifies provisions regarding disclosure of certain materials relating to consumer data investigations by the Attorney General. Provides for confidentiality of court records relating to certain settlements of minors’ claims. Modifies provisions relating to recreational immunity and makes some of the changes temporary. Declares an emergency, effective on passage. 

SB 1580-En


The Act would make it a crime for an employer to file a false payroll report to lower its workers’ comp premium.  Provides that an employer commits a Class A misdemeanor if the employer knowingly submits a false payroll report with the intent to decrease the employer’s premium for workers’ compensation insurance. Punishes by a maximum of 364 days’ imprisonment, a $6,250 fine, or both. Declares an emergency, effective on passage.


HB 4006-En


Requires state agencies to accept surety bonds from people who perform construction work for the state, instead of holding onto some of the money the agencies owe for the work, in order to make sure the work is done correctly. Gives a form for the surety bond. Requires a contracting agency to accept from contractors surety bonds in lieu of retainage for construction projects and public improvement contracts. Specifies requirements for submitting surety bonds. Specifies relations between a contractor and a subcontractor when the contractor submits a surety bond on behalf of the subcontractor. Declares an emergency, effective on passage.

HB 4012-En


The Act does not allow an insurer to make a health care provider purchase a drug at a certain pharmacy if the provider is giving the drug to a patient in certain settings. The Act also applies to other types of entities that pay for health care. Prohibits issuers of health benefit plans, health care service contractors or multiple employer welfare arrangements from requiring that drugs that are administered by health care providers in specified settings be dispensed at a certain pharmacy or by a pharmacy that is in the provider’s network.

HB 4016-En


The Act makes certain changes to a program for planned fires. The Act directs an agency to extend the deadline for a grant program for protecting homes from fire. The Act directs agencies to report on creating a program for protecting homes from fire.Makes certain changes to the Prescribed Fire Liability Pilot Program. Directs the Department of Consumer and Business Services to allow a person to apply for a grant under the Fire Hardening Grant Program on or before December 31, 2025. Directs the Department of Consumer and Business Services and the Department of the State Fire Marshal to report, on or before September 15, 2024, to committees or interim committees of the Legislative Assembly related to natural resources on a proposal for a proactive home hardening program. Takes effect on the 91st day following adjournment sine die. 

HB 4103-En


Modifies the definition of electric assisted bicycle for purposes of the Oregon Vehicle Code. Adds definitions of Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 electric assisted bicycles. 

HB 4113-En


The Act applies to insurers and other entities that pay for drugs for people who have insurance. The Act requires insurers and others to count toward any costs that an insured person must pay for their drugs, the amounts paid from coupons or by other third parties. Requires an insurer, a pharmacy benefit manager and a health care service contractor to count payments made by or on behalf of an enrollee for the costs of certain prescription drugs when calculating the enrollee’s contribution to an out-of-pocket maximum, deductible, copayment, coinsurance or other required cost-sharing for the drugs.

HB 4122-En


The Act tells OSP to join the FBI’s Rap Back system for fingerprint criminal records checks. The Act says how agencies can use the Rap Back program. Directs the Department of State Police to establish a fingerprint retention system for participation in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Rap Back system. Provides requirements for authorized agencies to participate in the Rap Back program. Takes effect on the 91st day following adjournment sine die.

HB 4147-En


Authorizes the use of stop arm cameras on school buses to record people who do not stop for bus safety lights. Permits an education provider to have stop arm cameras on school buses for the purpose of recording persons who fail to stop for bus safety lights. Permits a law enforcement agency to issue a citation for failure to stop for bus safety lights based on photographs or video if certain other conditions are met.

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