Agents Advocate – February 22, 2023

Legislature Hears Bill Banning Use of Credit Score and Other Risk Factors

The House Business and Labor Committee on 2/22 heard HB 2920:

HB 2920

Directs insurer to consider only specified information in determining rates for motor vehicle liability insurance policy. Prohibits insurer from considering other specified information in determining eligibility, rates or premiums for motor vehicle liability insurance policy. Permits insurer, under specified circumstances, to consider abstract of individual’s nonemployment driving record when evaluating individual’s application to obtain or renew motor vehicle liability insurance. Prohibits insurer from using credit history to determine eligibility, rates or premiums for motor vehicle liability insurance. Becomes operative on January 1, 2024. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die. 

Many who listened to the hearing said it was 50 / 50 in terms of how it went.  There were a lot of good insurance industry witnesses, including agents.  Kelsey Wood testified and did a great job. 

The written testimony is at HB2920 2023 Regular Session – Oregon Legislative Information System (  Most of the testimony in opposition was from PIA members.

But the supporting groups provided good testimony, too, if you buy into their arguments and don’t know much about how insurance works.  The sponsor of the legislation, Rep. Travis Nelson, is a young African American man who is a member of the committee. 

The insurance industry needs to be worried about this and other bad legislation.  There are many first time legislators now.  Many of our previous legislative friends in both chambers have retired.  Few if any of the new folks of either party know much about insurance.  We will need to work hard to keep things in check this session.

Please write to your own state representative(s) in districts both where you live and where you work to oppose HB 2920.  Districts lines were redrawn not too long ago, so if you need to check who is your representative, go to 2023 Find Your Legislator ( and complete your home and work addresses.  Ask you state representative(s) to vote “no” on HB 2920.  If you need to see reasons why not, review the testimony through the link mentioned above.

Bad Faith Bills To Be Heard Soon

The Oregon Trial Lawyers have had two bad faith/private right of action bills introduced.  The hearing agenda for 3/1/2023 is at:

Business and Labor House 2023 Regular Session – Oregon Legislative Information System (

The bills are:

HB 3242

Provides insured with cause of action for insurer’s unfair claim settlement practices. Creates duty of reasonable due care for insurance producer toward insured. 

HB 3243

Includes insurance in definition of real estate, goods and services that are subject to penalties for unlawful trade practices. Permits person to obtain, and court to award, appropriate equitable relief in addition to monetary damages under Unlawful Trade Practices Act. Requires Director of Department of Consumer and Business Services to request action before prosecuting attorney may take action under Unlawful Trade Practices Act against act or practice related to insurance.

PIA will oppose these bills, and we are asking you to do so also by writing to the members of the committee. 


Thanks so much to everyone who has been helpful in trying to contain this bad legislation.  PIA has already testified in opposition on other bills not mentioned here.  We are sure there is more to come.

Lana Butterfield
PIA Oregon Lobbyist

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