Oregon Agent’s Advocate – April 19, 2023

Hearing on Bad Insurance Bills

Public hearings on HB 3242-A and 3243-A were held in Senate Judiciary Committee on April 18 and 19.  These bills could increase the cost of resolving claims, which can impact the cost of insurance for homeowners, drivers, renters, business owners, and medical professionals. According to the Division of Financial Regulation, they may also impact insurance agents.

An amendment is being proposed to exclude insurance producers from HB 3242-A in the definition of “or other person” by inserting “a person other than an insurance producer licensed under ORS chapter 744 who is acting in good faith on behalf of a client.”  PIA is not sure this will actually exempt agents, who legally represent the insurance company.  We are working with the proponents to find better language. 

Your Help Is Needed

PIA is definitely opposed to HB 3243-A.  Please write to the committee members and select floor votes if you haven’t done so already.  You can send each one this email:

Sen. (last name):

Please vote “no” on HB 2343-A, which includes insurance in the definition of real estate, goods and services that are subject to penalties for unlawful trade practices.  This bill, according to the Division of Financial Regulation, will also impact my insurance agency.  As a small business, my agency cannot afford more lawsuits.

This also means increased costs for insurance companies – which leads to increased premiums for consumers. Enabling a second cause of action for any claim will increase litigation in Oregon, delaying ultimate settlement and recovery for claimants.

Thank you for your consideration.


(Your name and contact information)

Send to:

Senator Floyd Prozanski, Chair


Senator Kim Thatcher


Senator Sara Gelser Blouin​


​Senator Dennis Linthicum


Senator James I. Manning Jr.


Senator Mark Meek​​


​Senator Elizabeth Steiner


Senator Aaron Woods


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