Oregon Agents Advocate – May 3, 2023

Oregon Secretary of State Resigns

Shemia Fagan, Oregon’s Secretary of State, has resigned effective May 8.  In case you haven’t seen them, here are some articles about it:

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Pot chain owner who hired Shemia Fagan pushed for drastically less weed regulation – oregonlive.com

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Editorial: Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan must resign – oregonlive.com

Work Session Posted for Bad Insurance Bills

HB 3242 and HB 3243 (bad faith and UTPA) have been posted for a work session on 5-09-2023.  Opponents of the bills have been meeting with the Senate Judiciary Chair, Sen. Floyd Prozanski.  He apparently is still open to arguments.  While there may not be time for a work group, he also may not actually move the bills on May 9. 

The second deadline is approaching.  In order for a bill to be heard in committee by second chamber deadline (May 19), it has to be posted on an agenda for work session by May 5. However, this does not apply to Rules, Revenue, or Joint Committees.

PIA and other insurance agent groups have worked together to submit language we would like to see for possible amendment to exempt insurance agents from both bills.  Kelsey Wood testified about how when insurance agents get involved in claims, they are usually trying to help their insured:

91489 (oregonlegislature.gov).  Our proposed language has been submitted to both the chair and Senate co-sponsor.

Other Insurance Bills Go to Governor

These insurance-related bills have passed both chambers and are headed to the Governor’s desk for signature:

SB  82


Establishes certain requirements for insurer that cancels or decides not to renew homeowner insurance policy, or that increases premium, for reason materially related to wildfire risk. Requires insurer to make public, and reflect in insurer’s underwriting guidelines and rate plans, certain information related to wildfire risk mitigation actions. Requires insurer to allow insured at least 24 months to repair, rebuild or replace damaged or lost property if damage or loss was directly related to fire that was subject of order under Emergency Conflagration Act. Prohibits insurance company from using statewide] map of wildfire risk published by agency of this state as basis for canceling or declining to renew policy or increasing premium.

SB 864


Provides that person who voluntarily fights wildfire on private forestland is not civilly liable for injury to person or property resulting from good faith performance of firefighting efforts.

HB 2056


Modifies provisions relating to use of contributions and reserves of self-insurance programs established by multiple public bodies to insure against tort liability or property damage.

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