Your help is needed to help stop HB 3243-A


Help Stop HB 3243-A

Please call or send emails to these Senate floor votes asking them to vote NO on HB 3243-A:

Senator Aaron Woods
SD 13

Senator Elizabeth Steiner
SD 17

Senator Janeen Sollman
SD 15

Dear Senator:

Please vote no on HB 3243-A.  This bill has the potential to really harm Oregon insurance consumers. It would:

– redefine the relationship of insurer to insured, to the detriment of insurance consumers

– lead to inflated settlement demands

– encourage more lawsuits

– increase underlying costs related to insurance claims

– raise insurance premiums significantly

– create incentives for insurance fraud

– clog the court system.

HB 3243-A, by authorizing secondary lawsuits regarding the resolution of claims and authorizing suits against insurers, would undermine the existing strong protections we have for consumers already in Oregon. These policies negatively impacted insurance rates in other states that adopted them.

The Division of Financial Regulation has said that this bill will also impact insurance agents (producers), most of whom are very small businesses.

Sincerely, (Your Name)

Please send a blind copy to

Lana Butterfield

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