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Fact #1    Write just a few Market Access policies in a year and it will pay for your PIA membership.

Fact #2    PIA’s Market Access Program is available in all 50 states.

Fact #3    PIA members enjoy lower monthly fees while benefiting from 2% more in commissions than going direct.

Fact #4    Personal and commercial lines markets from a number of admitted “A” or better-rated companies.

Fact #5    Receive quotes from many of these companies through a technologically advanced personal and commercial lines rater.

PIA National’s Market Access Program provides carrier access in all 50 states. With an intuitive platform to quote, rate and in most cases bind directly from the platform it’s a great option for members. PLUS PIA Members can try the product for 2 free months and earn an additional 2% commission above the carrier commissions they recieve. Plus you own your book. 

Code sharing is applicable. Advise InsureZone of the appointments may already have.

Yes! This is a members only program. See the link in the last question to join today.

First an agency be a PIA Member in good standing. InsureZone requires $5,000 in monthly new premium and member must have a favorable credit history.  Complete the required documentation that InsureZone will need (see next section) and take the 1 hour video traning session and you can begin working on the platform.

  • Agent License Number, for all states licensed
  • List of all agency W2 and 1099 employees
  • Agency Federal Tax ID and/or SSN of owner
  • E&O Declarations page, expiration date, and limit minimum of $1,000,000 per occurance and a minimimum $1,000,000 aggregate.  Insurezone currently does not accept E&O from the following carriers due to coverage limitations: Everest, mercer, National Casualty Company, E&O written through carriers purchased on the website E&O for less or on NAPA paper, no exceptions.
  • Carrier Experience Reports for your top five carriers for the last three years showing premium written and loss reports

Once the appropriate paperwork is recieved by InsureZone and 1 hour training takes place, about 5 to 7 business days.

You must be a PIA Western Alliance member in good standing to qualify. Not a member? START THE APPLICATION PROCESS HERE

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