2024’s Highest Paid Insurance Company CEOs

Last week Weekly Industry News ran a story on 2024’s highest paid insurance brokers in the country. The information comes from the industry publication, Business Insurance.

This week we do another story on insurance industry income from the publication. It is the five highest paid insurance company executives. Other than a radical drop of over 67%, four of the five top five insurance company executives saw modest raises.

1. Evan Greenberg — Chubb Chairman & CEO

Salary: $1,550,000

Bonus: $9,000,000

Stock awards: $15,650,006

Other: $1,461,311

Total: $27,661,317

Change: Up 10%

2. Peter Zaffino — AIG Chairman & CEO

Salary: $1,500,000

Stock awards: $10,359,302

Option awards: $3,499,989

Nonequity incentive: $9,000,000

Other: $258,645

Total: $24,617,936

Change: Down 67.3%

3. Alan Schnitzer — Travelers Chairman & CEO

Salary: $1,450,000

Stock awards: $8,550,056

Option awards: $5,699,058

Nonequity incentive: $6,000,000

Change in pension value: $703,164

Other: $327,794

Total: $22,730,072

Change: Up 7.9%

4. Ajit Jain — Berkshire Hathaway Vice chairman-insurance operations

Salary: $20,000,000

Other: $16,500

Total: $20,016,500

Change: Up 5.3%

5. Timothy Sweeney — Liberty Mutual President & CEO

Salary: $1,350,000

Bonus: $3,749,775

Appreciation units: $8,102,066

Restricted units: $2,025,330

Other: $265,420

Total: $15,492,591

Change: Up 25.1%

Source link: Business Insurance — https://bit.ly/4bTqeg3

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