A New — Younger — Generation Looks at Dream Jobs

Older workers know what it’s like to have a dream job. Some of us got them, others did not. For men in the 1960s the popular jobs were being a pilot, a lawyer or a doctor. For women it was being a teacher, a secretary or a nurse.

Fantasy jobs included race car driver or a soldier for men, and women loved the idea of being a stewardess (flight attendant) or a fashion model.

Being a rock star, a politician or a drug dealer hit the fancy of some people in the 1970s. Many dream jobs ended up with the person being “the boss.” Being an actor, actress, or an entertainer happened for some, but being a doctor or a lawyer was a dream job for others.

Many made their dreams come true. Others did not.

Things are waaaayyyyy different today. Or are they? Remitly is a job site that looked at what jobs are being researched on Google these days across the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Remitly’s business management director, Jago McKenzie said the dream jobs wished for today — as seen in over one million Google searches — aren’t much different than in the past.

“It’s clear that our desire for travel and exploration has not been dimmed by the past couple of years and becoming a pilot remains a much sought after lifestyle,” he said. “We see a huge range of different professions featuring prominently, including many that can be done solely online, from anywhere in the world.”

With that he noted the Great Resignation has more people looking for work. In fact, McKenzie said statistics from the employment website, Monster, shows that 96% of employees plan on finding a new job in 2023.

While that number might be a bit high, a huge percentage of people are looking.

“People are getting used to the idea of changing careers at least once in their lifetime as the flexibility to work online and retrain increases,” McKenzie said. “Some of the main reasons people seek a career move are for better work-life balance, higher pay and a more meaningful and fulfilling career.”

Here’s the list of non-traditional dream jobs wished for by people these days. Some aren’t all that much different from days past.

1. Pilot — Average global search volume: 930,630

2. Writer — Average global search volume: 801,200

3. Dancer — Average global search volume: 278,720

4. YouTuber — Average global search volume: 195,070

5. Entrepreneur — Average global search volume: 178,380

6. Actor — Average global search volume: 176,180

7. Influencer — Average global search volume: 159,180

8. Programmer — Average global search volume: 125,310

9. Singer — Average global search volume: 121,430

10. Teacher — Average global search volume: 114,950

Source link: Employee Benefit News — http://bit.ly/3Z6pg9O

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