A Second Look — Oregon’s Wildfire Risk Map

A Second Look — Oregon’s Wildfire Risk Map


A few weeks ago the Oregon Department of Forestry released a wildfire risk map. The document titled the Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer Map was done by Oregon State University.


The plan came about because of a bill passed in the Legislature that ordered the development of a map that exposed risk in the state, and set a plan for each property owner to handle that risk.


What it ended up doing is putting almost every property in Oregon on that map.


The screaming began immediately. Thousands of people commented and 1,600 property owners appealed saying their property values will plunge and their insurance rates skyrocket.


Shortly after, Oregon State Forester Cal Mukumoto said the department would be revising the map. That plan has just been released. The department of forestry is going to spend another five months talking to the public about the plan, the science behind it and answering questions.


That means the final map will be delayed until October of 2023.


A big part of our work over the next year is focused on engaging with, listening to and informing the public about wildfire risk,” Mukumoto said. Ultimately, all of the agencies involved in this effort want to make sure Oregonians in the most at-risk communities know what they can do to better protect themselves, their families and friends, and their homes from wildfire.”


Source link: OPB —  https://bit.ly/3M92WXY

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