A Third of Seattle Residents Wanting to Leave — Is this a National Trend?

At this point no one knows if this is a national trend from cities with a homelessness population problem, politically-driven crime and other social issues, but for the leadership of the city of Seattle, Washington, this has to be a huge concern.

A poll conducted by the Seattle Times and Suffolk University finds that 33% of Seattle’s residents said they’re seriously considering moving to greener pastures. While 67% said they’re staying, 37% of the 33% blamed impossible to afford housing and 34% of the 33% said they’re very worried about their personal safety.

Why people are considering abandoning the city is often tied to income levels and to home ownership.

  • 44% of renters are move likely to consider moving than a homeowner
  • However, 27% of homeowners said they want to move
  • Those with incomes under $20,000 a year cited unaffordable housing costs as the reason to leave
  • This group is also more likely to experience homelessness and housing insecurity than those with higher incomes

People with incomes of $250,000 or more a year, and who want to leave the city cited public safety as their main concern.

Of those wanting to move:

  • 80% said Seattle is a poor place to live
  • 66% don’t feel safe in their neighborhoods
  • 65% say they want to leave because the city isn’t making progress in getting the homeless off the streets
  • That 65% say things with the homeless are getting worse
  • 60% say the quality of education in public schools is getting worse

For the 66% that are staying:

  • 88% rated Seattle as a great place to live
  • 72% feel safe in their neighborhoods

Good news for city officials from the two-thirds wanting to stay but the 28% who say they’re not leaving, and that don’t feel safe in their neighborhoods, has to be a bit of a worry.

Another problem faced by Seattle residents is the cost of living in the city. It has risen 20% since 2020. The metro home price index is 40% higher than it was in 2018. Fortunately, that figure is now down from the 50% in 2022.

Wages for most workers are not keeping up with cost increases.

Oh, the survey also got political.

  • Republicans are more likely than Democrats to want to move
  • 53% of Republicans say they want to leave
  • Just 24% of Democrats feel that way

And where do people want to go and where are they going? The top destinations are Phoenix, Arizona and Spokane, Washington.

Source link: OregonLive.com — https://bit.ly/3pJFb1K

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