A Word for the New Year

Most of us make a new year’s resolution every year. Very few of us keep them, but that’s the point of a subject for another time. This story involves one word that will capture the mission of insurance — insurers and agents — for 2023.

The idea came from the insurance magazine, Insurance Business America. The publication finds the end of any year, and the beginning of the next one, to be a time of reflection, anticipation and hope. At the same time, most of us look deeply at the lessons we learned in the year just left behind, try to fix what’s broken and take that success into the year to follow.

For insurance, 2022 was a big challenge. Inflation and economic uncertainty topped the worry list. Supply chain issues came second and that impacted nearly every line of insurance.

Every year both agencies and companies deal with the keeping and finding employees. COVID brought huge changes to the work place and how we work. Many employees got used to working remotely and are now reluctantly being pushed back into offices.

Those are just a few of the issues the industry faced.

One of the people asked for a word is PIA National Executive Vice President Mike Becker. His word is resilience.

“There have always been times of economic uncertainty, catastrophes, turmoil, consolidation, and evolution. The industry, and specifically the independent agent channel, has always come through,” he told Insurance Business America’s editors. “They have adapted and succeeded by keeping the customer at the forefront. They’ve always focused on how to best serve their customers, and they’ve been able to use that resiliency to overcome hurdles over the long history of this industry. I think they have always been resilient and going into 2023, they will continue to be.”

Source link: Insurance Business America — https://bit.ly/3jOSrP7

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