AAA — Driver Assistance Systems could be a Lifesaver

Over 42,000 people died on streets and highways in the United States in 2022. Some of those deaths are caused by auto malfunctions and distracted driving. The AAA foundation for Safety says adopting and using advanced driver assistance programs (ADAS) — like collision warnings — could reduce that number and save 8,000 lives a year.

Implementing and actually using those systems could save 250,000 lives, 14 million injuries and 37 million auto crashes by 2050. ADAS systems — when implemented — can see blindspots, do automatic braking during emergencies and let drivers know if a collision is eminent.

This information comes from an AAA Foundation study done with the University of North Carolina. The two groups studied crashes that happened from 2017 to 2019 and why they happened. These are years before ADAS was available in most autos. Researchers then did an estimate of the outcome of those crashes if ADAS was available in those autos.

That’s how they came up with the numbers just quoted. Oh, and the study found that these systems find issues to worry about every 8 miles.

Whether that many lives and injuries can be saved will also depend on the willingness of auto manufacturers to put them in vehicles and make the systems they put in the vehicle affordable, and the willingness of consumers to purchase autos with those systems in them.

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