AI: Huge Change, Big Learning Curve — How We’re All Feeling

Every day we learn a little bit more about generative AI. Basically, that’s artificial intelligence that can do a lot of what humans do and can be trained to write and send texts, create images and other content-based data.

Salesforce Research is a customer relationship management business and software provider. It checked in with workers in all kinds of different industries in the United States, the United Kingdom, India and Australia and asked how employees are feeling about the use of generative AI.

The results are not surprisingly mixed.

Younger people are more comfortable with it and older people are not. No surprise there. What is more of a surprise is the number of people who want to use it in the workplace to make their work time easier but want it left out of their personal lives.

Here are the details of the survey:

  • 61% plan to use, or are currently using AI
  • 83% of CEOs and C-suite execs claim they know how to use generative AI and also keep data secure
  • Just 29% of individual contributors — the non-CEOs and C-suite responders — to the survey feel this way
  • Of those planning to use generative AI, close to 60% say they don’t know how to use it using trusted data sources, or how to make sure that sensitive data remains secure
  • 73% say generative AI brings with it new security risks
  • 67% say generative AI will help them better use other technology investments like other AI and machine-learning models
  • 68% say generative AI will help them better serve their customers

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