AI in the Workplace — What is it Being Used to Do?

Artificial intelligence has invaded the workplace. The malpractice insurer, EKG did a survey of employees and found 56% of them are using AI on a daily basis.

To find out exactly what employees are doing with AI, the AI productivity platform, Plus Docs took a look at Google’s AI searches over the last year. Plus Docs CEO Daniel Li said they were able to rank the searches one through nine.

“It is clear the most common use of AI is for writing-related tasks, which is what usually comes to mind when people think of the benefits of the technology,” Li said. “ChatGPT [for example] can be used to generate a first draft of a PowerPoint presentation, giving you a starting point to expand from and saving you time by cutting out the initial phase of pondering where to begin.”

AI writer topped the searches and averaged 61,833 searches a month. It’s almost 8x more than the second most searched, AI translation. The overwhelming number is no surprise because written tasks can be very time consuming.

However, Li warned, employers and employees need to be careful when using AI.

“It’s important not to become overly accepting of everything AI provides,” Li said. “You still need to fact-check, as AI may not be able to access the most up-to-date data and you may have to source this yourself. Finding this balance ensures you are still providing accurate information to your coworkers, whilst still speeding up the process.”

Heres’s the list:

AI writer

Monthly Google searches — 61,833

AI translation

Monthly Google searches — 8,658

Free AI writer

Monthly Google searches — 8,567

AI presentation maker

Monthly Google searches — 7,833


Monthly Google searches — 7,233

AI content writer

Monthly Google searches — 6,708

AI grammar check

Monthly Google searches — 5,283

AI email generator

Monthly Google searches — 4,583

AI research

Monthly Google searches — 4,233

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