Animal & Autos: Drive Carefully — Montana Suffers 2nd Most Crashes in the U.S.

Though the numbers have somewhat leveled off, from 1975 to the mid-2000s, animal and auto collisions are killing too many people. While it’s not as big a problem as it was, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) said there were still 164 deaths in crashes involving animals and autos in 2021.

The PIA Western Alliance state of Montana suffers from the second highest number of crashes being animal involved at 1 in 53. The most collisions are in West Virginia with 1 in 38.

The highest number of deaths happen from October to December, but it is Spring and more people are venturing out for weekend trips and vacations.

The IIHS said most crashes start when the animal is first hit and the biggest damage comes in what happens after. Another auto is involved, or a tree. Deer — 77% — are the most hit followed by cattle, horses, dogs and bears.

The other states:

3. Pennsylvania — 1 in 59

4. Michigan — 1 in 60

5. Wisconsin — 1 in 60

6. Iowa — 1 in 63

7. Mississippi — 1 in 64

8. South Dakota — 1 in 69

9. Virginia — 1 in 78

10. Missouri — 1 in 80

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