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Washington — Transparency in insurance underwriting (R 2022-01)
interested party meeting materials posted

The OIC is beginning rulemaking on transparency in insurance
underwriting (R 2022-01). The OIC believes these rulemaking efforts will
benefit from collaboration with affected interested parties. Therefore, the OIC
will conduct interested party meetings on this rulemaking. The purposes of the
interested party meetings are to solicit feedback from interested parties on
the potential regulations and carefully consider impacts from all affected
parties. The interested party meetings will be held throughout the rulemaking
process and the agency encourages participation by any who are interested in
these types of regulations.

Written comments are due April 21, 2022; please send them to

The initial interested party meeting will be held, via Zoom, on
Thursday, April 21, 2022 at 9 a.m. If you are interested in joining the
meeting, please register for the meeting via Zoom.

For more information, including the agenda of the interested
party meeting, please visit the rule’s webpage.

Washington — Washington — Memorandum to BBPA Arbitrators: OIC’s Implementation of
E2SHB 1688 (Chap. 263, Laws of 2022)

This is regarding the Balance Billing Protection Act and the
federal No Surprises Act

We are providing a Memorandum to BBPA Arbitrators. The memo
addresses provisions of E2SHB 1688 that relate to arbitration proceedings under
the BBPA. These changes apply to Arbitration Initiation Requests submitted to
OIC on or after March 31, 2022. 

Washington — AA
2022-01: OIC
Implementation of E2SHB 1688 (Chap. 263, Laws of 2022)

Regarding the Balance Billing Protection Act and the federal No
Surprises Act

We are providing Technical Assistance Advisory 2022-01  to carriers and other interested entities.
The Advisory addresses the Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s implementation of E2SHB 1688 (Chap. 263, Laws of
2022). The TAA is effective April 1, 2022. 

For more information, including other advisories, please visit
the technical assistance advisories and emergency orders webpage.


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