Artificial Intelligence & Insurance Agents — The Public Wants Real Intelligence

The life and health insurer website, GetSure recently took an interesting survey. You can even say it was an intelligent look at how human beings look at artificial intelligence and insurance agents.

The bottom line — no to AI. When it comes to insurance agents — says GetSure CEO Rikin Shah — people want the real deal.

“AI is coming to insurance distribution and has the potential to do wonders for the customer experience,” he said. “Getting this right, however, will require open dialogue with consumers, and that’s exactly why we ran this survey.”

That’s really good news for the 1.6 million people in the U.S. that call themselves insurance agents.

GetSure’s survey polled 1,000 people about how they feel about working with an AI generated insurance agent. Only 9% of those polled said they are very comfortable with with the idea.

And 70% say they are completely uncomfortable.

“That’s a strong statement,” Shah said. “Consumers are telling us loud and clear that you couldn’t pay them to work with an AI.”

Here are two of the questions. The first is would you be comfortable with an AI insurance agent?

Yes, very comfortable  — 90 people or 9% of those surveyed

Yes, comfortable enough — 205 people or 21% of those surveyed

Neutral — 245 people or 25% of those surveyed

No, not comfortable enough — 280 people or 28% of those surveyed

No, very uncomfortable — 180 people or 18% of those surveyed

The second question. What concerns you most about having an AI as an insurance agent?

It may be biased, or it may discriminate — 260 of those surveyed or 13%

It may not give accurate recommendations — 590 of those surveyed or 31%

It may misuse my personal information — 425 of those surveyed or 22%

It is taking a job from a human — 530 of those surveyed or 27%

No concerns — 125 of those surveyed or 6%

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