Artificial Intelligence is Doing Away with Regular Intelligence — Carriers Cut Staffs 62%

Rackspace Technology took a look at the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) by insurance carriers. The technology firm found that insurers have cut their staffs by 62% because they’re using more AI and ML.

Rackspace chief technology evangelist, Jeff De Verter said the survey was done with carriers in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

“Some of these organizations have employed, in some cases, mountains of people to be able to do some of this work,” he said. “Some of the low-level analyst work that used to be done in large spreadsheets, that used to be done in some specific tooling for the industry, maybe we’re finding now that AI and ML is actually able to do the work of a lot of those folks who were effectively manually doing work before.”

Senior underwriters — he noted — are still safe but legions of underwriters are being replaced, or will soon be replaced by machines.

“Should you worry? I’d redirect that and say, you have indispensable industry knowledge, but the job you have today is probably going to change, and so you’ve got to change with it,” DeVerter said. “Detroit is a great example, in the auto industry you had companies make some changes as robotics came in, and had individuals changed their skilling, they would have been a lot better off, but you just can’t keep doing things the way we’ve always done them.

He pointed out that smart individuals need to “read the tealeaves” and find out what skills they need to adopt to the rapidly changing technology. And much of that adopting probably should come in the area of working in AI and ML since insurers are pumping up the numbers in those workforces.

  • 90% of insurers have grown their AI & ML workforce in the last 12 months
  • 67% of insurers see a shortage of skill sets in the AI and ML area

Over half of the insurers — 53% — polled are, however, reaping substantial benefits from using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Another 23% have seen modest benefits and 25% say it’s too early to tell.

Here’s more from the survey:

  • 81% said the risk reduction increased the understanding of insurance by businesses and customers
  • 79% saw sales rise
  • 77% were able to use AI and ML to personalize marketing
  • 75% saw increased productivity
  • 73% had revenue streams increase and operating costs drop
  • 69% had happier customers
  • 67% saw profitability come quicker
  • 67% saw a reduced cost in new product development
  • 67% found it easier to hire and recruit new talent
  • 65% saw an increase in innovation

Not all is positive. Over half — 56% — said there has been pushback and scrutiny of the use of AI in their business models. And there are more negatives:

  • Just 38% say they strongly trust the results of AI and ML
  • Only 42% slightly trust the results
  • Just 38% strongly think there are enough checks and balances to avoid negative consequences
  • Only 33% say the are slightly enough checks and balances
  • 44% strongly think there is enough governance to make the use of AI and ML safe against misuse
  • Just 33% slightly think there is enough governance to avoid misuse

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