Big Changes — The Biden Administration’s Push to Increase Electric Vehicle Production

According to unofficial sources in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, by 2030 the Biden administration wants at least 54% of all vehicles told in the U.S. to be electric. It wants 66% of all vehicles sold in this country to be electric by 2032.

A bold — but still — unofficial move. However, informed sources at the New York Times say this is exactly what the EPA plans and will announce when it reveals greenhouse gas emission limits for 2027 through 2032. The official announcement will come early next year.

Environmental groups will love the plan but it is light-years different than what the nation’s automakers agreed to with the administration and the EPA in 2021. In August of that year, and after heated negotiations, the automakers agreed to make EVs half of the total auto sales by 2030.

A public comment period will be set up shortly after the official announcement.

The EPA’s push to change the numbers has come about because it’s what President Biden wants. He signed an executive order awhile back ordering EVs to be 50% of the nation’s new auto output by 2030. In the executive order, Biden wants automakers to make gas mileage to be higher and pollution coming from gas and diesel vehicles to be cut significantly by 2026.

It’s a bold push. Currently, electric vehicles amount to just 7.2% of vehicle sales.

What the administration has not outlined — nor has the states that have issued similar edicts — is how power will be set up to charge the growing number of EVs that will seen on U.S. streets and highways in 2030.

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