Big Changes to the PIA Western Alliance — Now 10 Individual States Instead of Four Groups

Big changes are happening with the PIA Western Alliance. The alliance used to be four groups: PIA Oregon/Idaho, PIA Washington/Alaska, PIA Montana and the PIA Group states of California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

With the addition of Hawaii, the PIA Western Alliance has grown from nine states to 10 and no groups.

“The agreements between the states of the PIA Western Alliance hadn’t been updated since 2004,” PIA Western Alliance Executive Vice President Kim Legato told Weekly Industry News. “The Affiliates coupled together just was out dated and didn’t make sense from a marketing-sponsorship standpoint anymore.”

That change is now reflected in the new update of the PIA Western Alliance website.

“The Western Alliance has experienced many positive changes over the last year,” Legato said. “With the addition of a new state — Hawaii — and new affiliate agreements with PIA National, the Western Alliance has a new look for its website.”

And those changes are important, and a big change from the former.

“Each state will now have its own visual identity. As we build out these pages we will be adding news, current events and showcasing our Sterling Partners [formerly the KKlub] respectively,” Legato added. “These updates are ongoing and will be adding new features very soon.”

Check out the changes at

About PIA Western Alliance

The Professional Insurance Agents Western Alliance is a membership organization promoting and enhancing the success of independent agencies seeking to grow, learn and be heard within the industry.


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