Burn Out in Insurance & Finance & Manufacturing

Burnout has always been an issue for employees. Just about any business has that as a negative employment factor. These days — however — employees in the financial sector (and that includes insurance) are leaving their jobs in droves.

And burnout is being tabbed as reason number-one.

A study by the software company, Ringover found that close to 75% of workers in the U.S. are suffering from burnout. Over 64% say they’re considering leaving their current jobs because they’re fried.

Things are even worse in the insurance sector:

  • 81.67% of insurance workers are thinking of walking away from their jobs
  • 77.24% of telecommunications workers are thinking the same thing
  • 75.86% of construction workers are wanting to leave their jobs because of burnout

The survey also dug a little deeper:

  • 42% are feeling tired and drained most of the time because of work
  • 32% say in the past year they’re felt detached from life and work because of work


  • 43% say it’s the heavy workload
  • 36.9% say it’s a lack of resources to help with their jobs
  • 36.6% say they’re micromanaged and they hate it
  • 34.5% say their work environment is toxic

As we all know, losing employees these days is something employers want to avoid. Filling those positions is often quite difficult even though nearly every week close to 9.6 million people are unemployed.

While that number seems like a lot of people, the Department of Labor and Industries says that’s not a lot of people from which to choose — especially if the job is training specific.

The silver-lining? Ringover says most employees said being offered a four-day work week would go a long way toward keeping them. More vacation days would be helpful, too. A third of those surveyed said being able to have some remote-work options would increase their happiness level.

Here are the percentages of industries where people are thinking of leaving their jobs because of burnout:

  • Insurance & financial activities — 81.67%
  • Information publishing and telecommunications — 77.24%
  • Construction — 75.86%
  • The public sector — 75.61%
  • Agriculture — 75%
  • Professional & business services — 73.33%
  • Manufacturing — 70.13%
  • Education — 64.60%
  • Wholesale & retail — 64.15%
  • Transportation & utilities — 62.50%

Source link: Digital Insurance — https://bit.ly/44XGcT3

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