Burned Out Workers Increasing — A Pandemic Hangover

Slack Technologies did a survey that was released last week. It found that — no surprise — 40% of people with desk jobs are burned out. Among the reasons listed are economic uncertainty, fear of being laid off because of job cuts and pressure to return to the office as the pandemic is winding down.

Workers outside the U.S. are more impacted than those inside the United States. Women and younger workers are the most bothered by the burnout.

Focusing on the United States, Brian Elliott of Slack Technologies said pressure is coming from increasing layoffs because of a slowing and troubled economy and return-to-office policies that have moved from optional to required.

  • At the end of last year, 41% of people surveyed in the U.S. say they’re burned out
  • The global rate is 42%
  • Both are a modest improvement from earlier in 2022
  • 50% of those feeling burned out said they are dissatisfied with the level of flexibility in their job
  • Those with immoveable work schedules are more likely to be looking for a new job over the next year

“All the benefits of flexibility are about how you give people focused time, rather than sweating how many days of week they are in,” Elliott said. “Flexibility also improves a company’s culture, and every time I tell executives this, it surprises them.”

Another stress on employees is too much technology. Large employers now use an average of 211 different apps to do business. That’s not only up from 195 a year ago but — to most employees — it’s overwhelming.

The Harvard Business Review looked at 20 teams working for three large employers. It found that employees had to go between different apps and websites over 1,200 times a day. That — the Review said — is costing workers too much time, is draining their productivity and is causing troubles with their peace of mind.

Source link: Insurance Business America — https://bit.ly/3Et0rwL

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