California & Other State Fire Departments — A Disturbing Report

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) manages the U.S. Fire Administration. The administration says the PIA Western Alliance state of California is tied with Florida as having the fewest fire departments per 100,000 people in the country.

You’d think with the huge worries the Golden State has with wildfire it would have more fire departments than listed. But it does not. California’s total is 2.15 fire departments per 100,000.

North Dakota has the most fire departments per 100,000 people. The state has 41.9 of them per 100,000.

Nevada, Arizona and Washington — also states in the PIA Western Alliance — followed with the lowest totals.

With 2.8 fire departments per 100,000, Nevada is second. Arizona ranks third with 3.3, Washington is fourth at 5.2 fire departments. Colorado and Utah follow.

The Weekly Industry News editors tried to find statistics per 100,000 for the other PIA Western Alliance States but could not locate any from the U.S. Fire Administration.

We will keep looking and hopefully can find those statistics next for a follow-up story next week.

To put things in another perspective, the U.S. Fire Administration said there are 27,174 fire departments listed with the National Fire Department Registry. This is 91% of all U.S. fire departments but registration for the list is voluntary so 9% of departments in the country are not on the list.

Overall, there are 52,319 fire stations in the U.S.

The West region has 12% of the fire departments in the country. Here are the number of fire departments in the PIA Western Alliance states:

  • Alaska — 154
  • Arizona — 238
  • California — 849
  • Idaho — 197
  • Montana — 281
  • Nevada — 88
  • New Mexico — 247
  • Oregon — 309
  • Washington — 403

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