California Push for Single-Payer Health System Dead for Now


Assembly Bill 1400 would have put California on the path toward developing an expensive single-payer healthcare system. It is the second time in five-years that such a bill has failed to gather enough support to move forward.


The bill is sponsored by San Diego Assemblyman Ash Kalra (D) and would have cost between $314 billion and $391 billion. Those funds would have come from state and federal funds. He’s disappointed that the bill will not move forward.


Despite heavy opposition and substantial misinformation from those that stand to profit from our current healthcare system, we were able to ignite a realistic and achievable path toward single-payer and bring AB 1400 to the floor of the Assembly,” Kalra said. However, it became clear that we did not have the votes necessary for passage and I decided the best course of action is to not put AB 1400 for a vote today.”


That’s a big whew from opponents like the Chamber of Commerce. It called the bill a “job killer.” The Chamber and other opponents say creating the single-payer system would hurt the economy and business, and will create “the largest tax increase in state history.”


The bill’s failure is also a disappointment to California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara who is a big supporter.


Before Monday’s assembly session, Lara said, Despite the incredible progress we have made, the pandemic has laid bare the inequities in how Californians access health care coverage. We have paid a deadly price for the needless discrimination, complexity, and excessive costs of for-profit insurance. That is why we need to continue to fight for a single-payer plan that will protect all Californians and serve our collective public health.”


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