CEOs and AI — Close to Half Think AI should Replace Them

No doubt the numbers would likely be a lot different if reality said artificial intelligence is going to replace a CEO’s job. But since it’s just theory, close to half of the CEOs surveyed by the online learning company, edX for Business said AI ought to replace their jobs.

The survey was done with 800 CEOs and 800 knowledge workers and the report is titled, “Navigating the Workplace in the Age of AI.”

That same group of CEOs also predict that half of the skills existing in the workforce today will be irrelevant by 2025. Sadly, edX for Business CEO Andy Morgan said those same CEOs warned that 47% of the workforce is unprepared for maybe being irrelevant, for the future of work — a future that may become dominated by AI.

“With more companies moving full speed ahead toward an AI-driven workplace, leaders are faced with an important decision: Embrace AI or be left behind,” Morgan said.

Here’s more from the survey:

  • 87% of CEOs say they’re having trouble finding talent with AI skills
  • 77% say AI is upsetting their business strategy
  • CEOs think AI will replace a lot of business functions in their organizations
  • Only 20% of employees see AI as a threat to some, or all, of their role in the company
  • Many CEOs are embracing AI technology but at the same time worry about their company falling behind
  • 80% worry they won’t know how to use AI and are unprepared for the future of work
  • 82% of execs think workers with AI skills should be paid more
  • 74% of executives think workers with AI skills ought to be promoted more often
  • Surprisingly, 82% of CEOs think if someone in the company has AI skills they should be able to work for other companies, too
  • Sadly, just 24% of employees are using their company’s programs to learn AI skills
  • 39% of employees say it’s likely they’ll quit in the next year for a job that offers them better learning and development skills

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