Complaints about Gas Prices? Krispy Kreme Wants to Help


How fun!

Every Wednesday through May 4th, Krispy Kreme is going to sell a dozen glazed donuts for what the average price of a gallon of gasoline is in the U.S. the Monday before.

Good deal for donut lovers, and for people who tired of shelling out big bucks for fuel. On April 13th that was $4.11. People taking advantage of the promotion picked up $20 worth of donuts for a quarter of the price.

Krispy Kreme is limiting the purchase to two dozen.

Krispy Kreme — like most other businesses — is suffering from supply line price hikes. The cost of commodities and wages are hitting the company hard. So anything that brings people into the store is a good thing.

Marketing guru Tim Calkins of Northwestern University said the idea is brilliant. When brands start using inflation as part of their promotional effort, it does tell you its becoming pretty well established in the economy.”

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