Consumer Reports Report — Gas & Diesel Fueled Autos Vs. Electric

Consumer Reports is considered to be one of the better — if not the best — “neutral” product review publications. It recently released a report on electric vehicles and compared them to gasoline-powered autos.

It found that electric vehicles are not just less reliable, but they are far less reliable than vehicles powered by gasoline. Consumer Reports said EVs from 2021 through 2023 had nearly 80% more problems than vehicles with gasoline powered motors.

The battery and charging systems have the most problems. Other problems included body panels and interior parts that sometimes, don’t quite fit together.

The study notes that plug-in hybrids — those traveling on battery power at lower speeds before the gasoline part of the engine kicks in — are more prone to problems than vehicles that are fully electric.

Vehicles built in 2021 and 2022 had more than twice the rate of problems than internal combustion engines. The 2023 model year did much better with only 21% more problems than gasoline powered vehicles.

However, to give the manufacturers a bit of a break, the magazine did note that EV manufacturers are still trying to figure out how to construct power systems. So Consumer Report believes the reliability of such vehicles ought to improve in the future.

Jake Fisher heads up auto testing for Consumer Reports. While improvement may come in the future, right now consumers worry about reliability as well as the high cost of the vehicles and the fact that there aren’t that many charging stations, and charging often takes too long.

“This story is really one of growing pains,” he said. “It’s a story of just working out the bugs and the kinks of new technology.”

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