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Capco does a survey of insurance every two years. The 2023 U.S. Insurance Survey has some shocking news. It shows that 89% of insurance customers are willing to share a lot more personal information with insurers than in the past.

How much more? The survey says it’s 17% higher than what the global business and technology consultant firm found in their 2021 survey.

The reasons aren’t surprising said Capco’s Ernst Renner. He said people want to maximize savings on premiums and get better services — services that can be directly tailored to their personal needs.

Surprisingly — he said — those most comfortable with sharing additional personal data were men, people that are married and people with higher-incomes.

“The year ahead will be pivotal for building new relationships with consumers through hyper-personalized offerings, delivered at just the right time in just the right way,” Renner said. “Partnerships between insurers and external parties will facilitate creative solutions in both product scope and market reach. Carriers should be refining the capabilities required to simplify data exchange and the flow of digital interactions across the ecosystems that are now such a strategic focus for the industry. At the same time, they will need to navigate a range of associated technical, security and regulatory challenges that will impact both their legacy portfolio and fresh initiatives.”

As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, Capco’s every-other-year survey found major changes in how people think. We have things we want to protect that we didn’t think much about before COVID.

Quality of life and financial fluidity are among them.

Lance Levy is Capco’s CEO. He said respondents favored personalized products like:

  • Long term savings — 80%
  • Income protection — 79%
  • Pets — 74%
  • Travel & vacations — 74%
  • Mobile phones and other gadgets — 68%
  • Home & property — 67%

“US insurers made huge leaps during the pandemic in terms of digital maturation and are now better equipped to drive digital enablement,” Levy noted. “The learnings and innovations from this period will be incredibly valuable as insurers investigate new ways to build truly personalized product offerings for consumers.”

When it comes to insurance products, Capco found:

  • 79% consider themselves well-informed about available insurance products
  • That’s up from 63% in 2021
  • Men — 85% — are the most confident in knowing about insurance
  • High income individuals — 92%
  • Families with children at home — 87%

Capco says the bottom-line of the survey is that insurers have more opportunities to serve under-served populations and people they haven’t thought of targeting before. The company suggests price-sensitive products, insurance educations and support solutions that can be found online.

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