Dentists & Insurance — The Whys of Why We Don’t see Them is a teledentistry pioneer. We’re not sure how teledentistry works but is is what does. The company offers products that can help straighten teeth. It recently did a survey of why people do — or do not — go to dentists. The survey found that a third of us havent been back to the dentist since COVID hit in 2020.

The company also explored why we don’t go to the dentist. It used to be fear. That — apparently — has been replaced by a lack of insurance.

  • *59% say they don’t go to the dentist because dental care is too expensive
  • *44% say they just don’t want to go — period (maybe that’s fear)
  • *34% say they don’t have dental insurance and that has kept them away

If the “don’t want to go” answer isn’t about fear, then — apparently — fear is no longer a factor as to why we don’t see our dentist regularly.

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