Distracted Driving — Not Just Texting

A study done by Statista found that 74% of us admit to using our phones while driving. Texting is generally the villain and often the first thing mentioned when you hear about distracted driving auto crashes.

And texting while driving is the main culprit when there is a crash — or is it?

Statista found other distractions that top texting and they are distractions that ought to worry all of us. This is really important because 81% of those polled by the company admitted to having been in an auto crash because they’re distracted. 0

These are the top-5 distractions:

1. Weather conditions — 41%

2. Eating or drinking — 33%

3. Dealing with children or pets — 32%

4. Writing or reading a text message — 29%

5. Making or receiving a phone call — 27%

A couple of other startling statistics:

  • 13% of drivers in a distracted driving crash had their autos totaled and written off
  • The average damage cost per distracted driving crashes is $1,505 and change

Of course, many autos these days have technology that is supposed to help us be better drivers.

  • 21% of us find that technology distracting

Maybe the following statistics have something to do with those crashes or maybe not, but the top three vehicles involved in distracted driving incidents are:

  • Honda Civic — 8%
  • Toyota Carola — 7%
  • Toyota Camry — 7%

By the way, the top PIA Western Alliance state for distracted driving that goes from reading or writing texts to applying cosmetics to daydreaming or vaping or smoking, is the PIA Western Alliance state of Idaho. In that state, 50% of distracted driving incidents are caused by the factors we just listed.

The only state with a 100% figure is North Dakota.

Source link: The Burrow — https://bit.ly/3YuJqeG

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