Dogs in Autos — Some Tail Wagging Facts

Most of us think distracted drivers are people with noses buried in their smartphone while the vehicle is moving. There is another form of distraction that most of us don’t note.

Fido or Fifi, head hanging out the window, or sitting on a driver’s lap.

Is it really a problem? Do dogs distract? Yep. Or so says Erie Insurance from a survey the company did of dog owners who driver with their pets in the vehicle. A staggering 92% of them said their dog could cause a crash while they are driving.

A study done by Volvo in 2019 backs that up. The auto maker monitored 15 drivers with dogs that were restrained and unrestrained while driving. In the 30 driving hours, the driver with an unrestrained dog spent 3 hours and 39 minutes distracted by the pet while they were driving.

The drivers with restrained dogs were distracted just 1 hour and 39 minutes.

Only three states — Hawaii, New Jersey and Rhode Island — have laws that say a pet has to be restrained while in a moving vehicle. The bad news for legislators in other states thinking of establishing similar laws, 50% of the 92% of Erie Insurance’s distracted drivers vehemently oppose laws forcing their dogs to be restrained.

Here’s what Erie found:

  • 69% put their dogs in the back seat while they’re driving
  • 41% said they have their dogs in front sometimes
  • 13% admit to driving with them on their lap

Those same drivers say they have to keep their pets entertained on a long trip. The biggest form of entertainment is letting Fido or Fifi put their head out the window. The big surprise is the 9% playing videos on mobile devices to keep their dog entertained.

By the way, men are more likely to entertain their dogs with a video than a woman.

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