Dryer Sheets — Some Other Uses


Once in awhile Weekly Industry News runs into a really interesting, and really fun story. This one is about dryer sheets. Outside of using dryer sheets to freshen clothes in the dryer, apparently there are other uses.

Clever uses.

The shopping site, Fabulessly Frugal and other credible sites say dryer sheets can be used for all kinds of things that aren’t clothes drying. For one they can clean shoes and shine up mirrors and metal and chrome.

They’re also great for dusting. The residue from the dryer sheet repels dust and keeps it from settling after you’ve dusted a piece of furniture.

Some sources say you can also use them on electronics like TVs and laptops. As noted earlier, they’re dust magnets.

The bathroom is a great place for using dryer sheets. Lots of chrome there and the sheets will take care of water spots as well as make your bathroom chrome shine.

Kitchen cupboards and that extractor hood on top of your stove. Yep, that greasy layer of dust on them goes away quickly with a decent rub. The softener in the dryer sheets cuts through grease and the antistatic properties repel future dust.

Baked on food on pots and pans? Yep. It works on them, too and saves scrubbing and ruining teflon. Fill the pan or pot with soap and water, stick in a dryer sheet and let it soak overnight.

And all this can be done even after you’ve used it for the dryer sheet’s main purpose, freshening clothes in your dryer.

Source link: MSN — https://bit.ly/3BTCmyT

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