Employees & Work— Some Tough Conversations

It’s hard to be an employee. We all know that. Lots of things make being an employee difficult. Most employees would tell you that having a frank conversation with the boss is one of the hardest, if not the hardest, conversation to have with an employer.

Talking with other employees about problems isn’t all that easy, either.

Global HR Solutions recently took a look at Google’s statistics on employees and what questions they’re asking in relation to their jobs. Nadia Vatalidis of People at Remote saw the statistics and said it appears employees are looking for easy fixes to complex problems.

“Difficult conversations at work are bound to come up from time to time,” she said. “All team members should be encouraged to proactively address problems rather than avoid the conversation and prolong an issue. Leaders should strive to create a work environment that fosters open communication and honesty so when they are needed, these types of conversations don’t feel so hard.”

Vatalidis said the list has important issues that employers need to be aware of, and understand.

“Establishing regular one-on-one meetings with direct reports is a critical step to enabling this culture of direct communication,” Vatalidis said. “Ensure all team members have a designated safe space to have these difficult conversations.”

According to Global HR Solutions’ Google search, these are the questions employees are seeking the most help with:

1. How to ask for a pay raise?

  • Monthly Google searches: 8,100

2. How to tell your boss you’re sick?

  • Monthly Google search: 2,900

3. How to give negative feedback?

  • Monthly Google search: 720

4. What to say on your first day at work?

  • Monthly Google search: 720

5. How to report unfair treatment at work?

  • Monthly Google search: 590

6. What to say to someone leaving a job?

  • Monthly Google search: 480

7. How to report bullying at work?

  • Monthly Google search: 320

8. How to talk to your boss about burnout?

  • Monthly Google search: 320

9. What to say to an employee who is leaving?

  • Monthly Google search: 320

10. What to say when you’ve made a mistake at work?

  • Monthly Google search: 260

Source link: Employee Benefit News — http://bit.ly/3HFXzNW

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