Generation Z & Work— The Times They are Changing

Generation Z consists of people born between 1996 and 2012. Their idea of how the workplace should work is often radically different than that of previous generations. The closest to the attitude of this group is the millennials.

A huge percentage — though they like their employer — are always looking for work. So are many millennials. The baby boomer and Generation X workers are much more aligned to a traditional workplace.

This is the percentage of the different generations that are looking for work:

  • Gen Z — 62%
  • Millennials — 60%
  • Gen X — 40%
  • Boomers — 31%

This information comes from a study done by the international management firm, Oliver Wyman. It notes that loyalty is one of the first things to consider when hiring someone in Generation Z. Here’s why:

  • 70% of those saying they’re loyal to their employers are still seeking new jobs
  • 45% of Generation Z workers have side hustles ranging from formal to informal
  • 38% are dissatisfied with the lack of clarity around advancement in the company

And the biggest — and maybe most important — number:

  • 85% prefer a hybrid mix of remote and office work

By the way, Gen Z currently makes up 15% of the U.S. workforce. They’ll be 31% by 2031.

There is some good news from Oliver Wyman’s experts. Gen Zers are flexible and can often easily balance a lot of jobs at once. Sadly, the positives of this multitasking, and their adaptability, is offset by the negatives. And that’s found in the 70% that are loyal to their employers but that are looking for a new job or jobs. 

An important reason — 37% say they’re not adequately compensated for their job.

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