Good News from an Interesting Survey from HUB — We’re Feeling Underinsured

Good News from an Interesting Survey from HUB — We’re Feeling Underinsured

HUB’s digital insurance platform, VIU did a survey of policyholders and asked an important question. VIU by HUB wanted to know if people think they’re underinsured. Company EVP, Bryan Davis said 59% of the 2,017 people they talked with said they are not properly insured.

That number includes 1,656 HUB policyholders.

“Consumers are right to be concerned about the possibility of coverage gaps, as the economy is changing quickly and many people are unknowingly underinsured,” Davis said. “Education and insight can help alleviate those concerns while the advice of an expert can ensure ideal coverage and protection.”

There’s more — and like those thinking they’re underinsured — the results are not surprising:

  • *81% say they don’t really understand their policies and want to learn more about their coverage
  • *40% say they’ve submitted a claim in the last 5 years and the coverage was not what they expected

Since inflation is hitting premium prices as badly as other products, many say they are also insurance shopping as 65% say the cost of insurance is very important to them.

VIU said that may be “why many are not covered appropriately.”

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