Happy Thanksgiving — From a Kid’s Point of View

Happy Thanksgiving — From a Kid’s Point of View

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all from the staff, management and the leadership of the affiliated chapters of the nine states of the PIA Western Alliance.

To say the least, things are rather turbulent in the U.S. today. As individuals we struggle as well and sometimes get so caught up in things of the world that we forget just how blessed we are.

We are also blessed to live in a nation free enough to be able to vocalize frustration with our leadership.

We could go on and on but will — since it’s Thanksgiving — stop there and look at giving thanks from the eyes of a child. It’s a nice reminder of how simple it can be to be thankful and that it’s the little things in life that make life so wonderful.

This was found on a website called Romper and was done a few years back. It asked some children what they’re thankful for on Thanksgiving Day. Their responses — like many of ours — are somewhat self-centered because children are, by nature, very lovable but totally self-centered creatures.

  • *From a 3 year old: I’m thankful for Colby… and Oreo (his aunt’s cat).
  • *Another 3 year old is packed with love: My Mommy, Bimmy (Grandma), Georgie (our tortoise), and my sister.
  • *An 8 year old: That my dad has been healthy this year.
  • *A 2 year old who just watched a Grinch movie: Mr. Grinch.
  • *An 8 year old girl: I’m thankful for family and friends.
  • *A 6 year old took a different view: Nature.
  • *A 5 year old says: I’m thankful for mommy
  • *A worldly 8 year old boy: I’m thankful for my new room. I decorated it with a new rug and cool pictures and paintings in frames and a new lamp, so it’s, like, house snob fancy.
  • *A cute 5 year old girl: I’m thankful for my bunny, Bun, because she’s so soft.
  • *An 8 year old girl had a lot to say: That [my mom] gave me a cat. That I have a family. And that I have a house and have everything that I need. And that I have the best parents in the world. Thats mostly it. Oh wait. For school and that I have everything I need. Oh I already said that. Umm. Thats mostly it.
  • *A not so wordy 6 year old: My parents and people’s caring.
  • *From an 8 year old boy: Having an awesome school and my grandpa, since he was in the army and loved me before he died.
  • *An 8 year old who got it right: Puppy dogs.
  • *Another kid who gets it: Im thankful for my sister being nice to me.
  • *From a practical 4 year old: Im thankful for food and water, and family and friends, and clothes and stuff that we need, and my sister.
  • *An 8 year old girl: All of my parents, Santa, my whole family, toys and mermaid dogs.

And — finally — the kid with the best answer: I’ll tell you on Thanksgiving.

Since we won’t be communicating on Thanksgiving, we’ll tell you now. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

Source link: Romper — http://bit.ly/3UXTwBX

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