Hawaii Added to the 9 State PIA Western Alliance

The PIA Western Alliances wishes a warm “Aloha” to the state of Hawaii. It is the newest state to be managed by the Western Alliance and adds a 10th state to the association.

PIA Western Alliance Executive Vice President Kim Legato said the association offers a dynamic range of services for independent agents and agencies across the Western United States that will benefit the PIA membership in Hawaii.

“The addition of Hawaii marks a significant milestone in our collective journey toward fostering collaboration, unity, and prosperity across the PIA Western Alliance,” Legato told Weekly Industry News.

She said as the Western Alliance evolves and grows, so is the PIA Western Alliance website. In the past, the PIA Western Alliance identified itself as four groups:

PIA Washington/Alaska

PIA Oregon/Idaho

PIA Montana

PIA Group (Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico)

From now on, each PIA Western Alliance state will now have its own identity, and it’s own, individual page on the website. Hawaii will be included in this change.

“As we celebrate this historic moment for the Western Alliance, we reaffirm our shared values and aspirations to strengthen the industry with innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence,” Legato added. “This addition underscores our collective dedication to fostering growth, prosperity, and sustainable development across our alliance and beyond with Aloha spirit.”

About PIA Western Alliance

The Professional Insurance Agents Western Alliance is a membership organization promoting and enhancing the success of independent agencies seeking to grow, learn and be heard within the industry.


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