Healthcare in the U.S. — We Don’t Think it’s All that Good

A new poll from Gallup looked at how we feel about healthcare and the U.S. healthcare system. Just 48% say the system is excellent or good. That means more than half of us have a very low opinion of the healthcare we’re getting.

It’s the first times since 2001 that Americans have been on the negative side on the issue. That said, our opinion has been slowly dropping since 2012 when 62% of us had a positive opinion.

Since 2012 the views of the positive side have sat around 55%. Last year it fell to 50% and now has dropped to 48%.

Gallup has found the biggest drop to be with Republicans who’ve put thumbs down on healthcare since President Trump left office. In 2019 the tally was 75% of Republicans approving of how healthcare is done in the U.S. Today, just 56% of Republicans say it’s good or excellent.

Traditionally, Democrats aren’t all that satisfied with the system and this year their level of satisfaction is 46%.

One of the big problems people have with healthcare in the U.S. is the price. Just 24% say they’re happy with how much total healthcare costs. Of those appreciating the cost, 56% say they’re satisfied with the price they pay for healthcare.

That’s also the lowest number since 2016.

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