Helpful Insurance Departments — California Tops the List

The Rutgers Center for Risk and Responsibility at Rutgers Law School took a look at the insurance departments around the country to find out who is doing the best job of giving consumers information about their policies, what those policies cover, the cost of their policies and the quality of the carrier.

Here’s what the researchers think a state insurance department needs to be doing. The top 10 best insurance departments in the country are — apparently — doing most of these things.

  • Have a website that clearly presents useful information to homeowners
  • Posting information about homeowners policies offered by all the insurers in the state on the department website
  • Make a form available to consumers to help define homeowners coverage to use as a checklist
  • Require all homeowners insurers to complete the form for each available policy and have it posted on the department website
  • Have a tool on the website where premiums can be compared by policy type
  • Post information on complaints to show how each company performs in comparison to other companies
  • Post information on how companies pay claims

Those are the standards Rutgers used to rank all insurance departments in the country. The insurance departments in two PIA Western Alliance states made the top-10 list. California sits on top and Nevada is ranked 6th. 

1. California — 4.5 stars

2. Texas — 4.5 stars

3. Maine — 4 stars

4. Missouri — 4 stars

5. Oklahoma — 4 stars

6. Nevada — 3 stars

7. Louisiana — 3 stars

8. Colorado — 3 stars

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