Holidays & Weekends Prime Cyber Crime Time

Holidays & Weekends Prime Cyber Crime Time

The cyber security company, Cybereason recently did an interesting survey and found that weekends and holidays are the best time for cyber criminals to attack businesses large and small.

Though the report from Cybereason is aimed at business, the same scenario applies to individuals like you and me, and our families.

The reason cyber criminals do so well on businesses on weekends and holidays is because most security pros are off on those days. An understaffed business, and/or a less-prepared staff is vulnerable to an attack.

A response to an attack — says Lior Div of Cybereason — isn’t going to be as fast, or as effective.

Ransomware actors tend to strike on holidays and weekends because they know companieshuman defenses often arent as robust at those times,” Div said. It allows them to evade detection, do more damage and steal more data as security teams scramble to mobilize a response.”

Div noted that over half the businesses responding to his company’s survey said they are staffed at 33% below normal on weekends and holidays.

The overall success cybercriminals have attacking on holidays and weekends leads to them more aggressively targeting companies during these times as a way to further fuel their criminal empires,” Div said.

Cybereason says ransomware is the biggest threat.

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