How PIA Independent Agents are Feeling in 2023 — The Annual NU/PIA Survey results

Last week PIA National and National Underwriter (NU Property & Casualty) released the results of their annual independent agent survey.

Close to 750 agents responded between November of last year and January of this year. The links below are some takeaways from the Seventh Annual Independent Insurance Agent Survey.

One of the links has comments on the survey from PIA National Executive Vice President and CEO Mike Becker. One of his comments had to do with the strongest form of competition that an independent agent faces today. It’s the direct writer.

Becker said agents feel their much different in a number of areas:

  • At 86.6%, relationships are what agents feel is the biggest difference between them and their direct writer competitors
  • Service came in second at 79.3%
  • Expertise was the third most picked difference at 63.7%
  • Advice was fourth with 54.5% saying the personal advice given is the top difference between a direct writer and the agent

“The continuing success of independent agents and the growth of the agency distribution system, even in more challenging times, should not come as a surprise,” Becker wrote. “Professional independent insurance agents are in a business built on relationships and provide service to clients that draws on their unique expertise.”

Here are the links to parts one and two of the survey and to Becker’s conclusions.

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Insurance professionals win with optimism

By Mike Becker — full article—

For those of you wanting to wait for more time to go through what’s in those links, PIA National composed a news story on the survey.

“Many respondents reported having a good year despite more widespread difficulties,” PIA National wrote. “For instance, nearly 67% of agents’ businesses grew in 2022, with 25.7% reporting growth of more than 10%. About seven out of 10 respondents said their earnings also grew over the last year.”

A huge percentage of the respondents talked about the current, very difficult, economic climate and how it impacts them, the agencies the own or work for, and their clients.

“More than one in three survey respondents said their clients have decreased coverage to save money,” PIA National noted. “Conversely, around 25% of respondents explained that their clients have increased insurance coverage to match the market in terms of replacement rates and costs. Respondents reported that “avoiding burnout,” “finding com

Source link: PIA National —

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